Podcast management

Running a podcast involves many moving pieces.

As the interviewer, you expend a lot of energy having to do all the initial setup and wasting too much of your time.


Guest booking and management

To have a successful podcast, you need to have a prepared schedule of guests ready each week or month, depending on your preference.

I will work with you to get a list of quality guests whose expertise complements the topics you are looking at.

Some of the things that can be done for you include:

  • Liaison between you and your guests
  • Liaison with production companies
  • Looking after the booking system for participants
  • Sending the guests relevant information and interview format.

Podcast recording set-up

Getting set up and choosing the right systems and equipment for your podcast can be daunting when you’re starting out.

I will assist you by:

  • Researching and obtaining any new equipment you need
  • If required being present online during the podcast to make sure things run smoothly
  • Making sure you have your notes in order before each episode

Recording review and editing recommendations

Once the podcast episode is finished, then the fun begins or for me the interesting bits of the process.

There’s a lot to get ready before publication:

  • Revision and review of the interview video or audio
  • Editing to streamline the audio or video length or information if necessary
  • Compilation of the show notes and transcript

Podcast marketing and uploading to podcast platforms

Now that the podcast is all prepared and ready to be published, you can hand that part off to me so you don’t need to worry about it.

To make you appear the consummate professional that you are, there are a few important things to be done:

  • Pulling out quotes or interesting snippets for your social media platforms
  • Making sure your audience credentials are exact for distribution
  • Uploading to your website, podcast platforms, or YouTube channel, plus any other media platforms you use.

Become the host of a successful podcast and let our team do all the hard work for you behind the scenes.