Online business management

As the Operations Manager, I’ll be your contact while we are working together. We’ll work out a detailed plan of all the things you need to provide a professional service to your clients.


Your tasks will be allocated to my team of Australian Virtual Assistants who are skilled and or qualified in several areas of business, both online and previously in the office environment. I will oversee the work and ensure its precision before it’s handed over to you. You will only ever get the final result; all the groundwork will have been done for you. Let’s look at those tasks.

Business streamlining

Say you’re working on a project that has many moving pieces.

Your systems will be streamlined to ensure that you are delivering maximum value to your client value management and value optimisation, as well as a range of other services.

Streamlining services we provide include:

  • Operations management
  • Project management
  • Systems and process set-up
  • Policies & procedures development

Freelancer management

As a professional, your time is money, and that’s not to be wasted. I or my team will maintain your busy calendar, prioritising meeting invites and booking complex domestic and international travel arrangements.

We’ll make sure you’re in the right place at the right time and you have all the documentation you need. If a virtual meeting is required, that will all be set up for you ready to jump in. Emails can be monitored and responded to on your behalf following your preferences.

To keep you organised we provide:

  • Calendar, diary and travel arrangements
  • Email management
  • A gatekeeper to your availability

Client or team management systems

If it’s just you or you have a team around you, implementing a central site where everyone is on the same page but different elements of the business can be securely locked as well.

Having a system for team collaboration will improve your communication all round.

Your client / team management system will ensure that:

  • You know where your project is up to
  • Everyone knows what comes next.

Have all your systems and programs set up and maintained for you.