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Are you looking for an online business manager who will look after your business operations day-to-day, manage your subcontractors and liaise with both domestic and international clients? You may be a former C-Suite executive who now runs their own business but misses the efficiency of having an assistant they can count on to provide a higher level of business support. Opting to outsource to an experienced business and administration manager offers a cost-effective solution, providing a collaborative partnership without the complexities of hiring employees.

I am an Australian Online Business and Administration Manager providing business support services to small business entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives to grow their businesses.


Working with me enables you to bring your corporate persona to your new online business, seamlessly. I don’t hide behind pompous, overly formal language. I’m honest and open. I connect with people in a personal way, and I’m inclusive and warm. I’m quick to respond, and make things happen. I’m in touch and relevant and you will be too.

Working for corporates before starting my own business, I had to learn resilience and flexibility in a rapidly evolving environment; I learned to adapt and think on my feet.

Integrity, confidentiality and trustworthiness are at the core of the services I provide.  

I treat each client as if they were my only one and provide excellence in all I do. You’ll know that everything is being done in the background, while you are the face of your business.

Contact me and let’s get your business moving in the right direction. 


  •  Project Management: Planning, organizing, and overseeing projects from initiation to completion.
  • Team Management: Coordinating and managing virtual teams, including hiring, training, and performance evaluation.
  • Operations Management: Optimizing day-to-day operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Systems Integration: Implementing and managing software systems to automate processes and enhance productivity.
  • Financial Management: Handling budgeting and invoicing.
  • Marketing Support: Assisting with social media post and image creation, newsletters and content ideas.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Managing customer interactions and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Vendor Management: Liaising with external suppliers and partners to ensure smooth operations.
  • Event Planning and Coordination: Organizing and managing virtual events, webinars, or conferences.
  • AI Integration and Optimization: Streamlining business operations by identifying, integrating, and optimizing AI technologies tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

If you don't see a service you need listed here, call me to discuss your specific requirements and I'll see if I can help.

Helen Clark Virtual Assistant Australia

Business Manager|Administration Manager

Improve Your Operational Efficiency with an Experienced Online Business Manager

Welcome to a fresh and straightforward approach. I prioritize honesty, openness, and a personal connection with my clients. I aim to be inclusive, warm, and, most importantly, effective in every way. Here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

Local Presence: Choosing an Australian Business Manager offers a unique set of advantages. I operate in the same time zone, ensuring quick and efficient communication. I understand the nuances of the Australian business landscape, offering a tailored approach that aligns with local market trends and customer preferences. Additionally, you can trust in my commitment to quality and adherence to Australian regulations, providing peace of mind and a seamless experience as we work together to grow your business.

Prompt and Proactive Service: I believe in quick responses and making things happen. In a fast-paced world, your business can’t afford to wait, and with me, it won’t have to.

Corporate Expertise: Having spent time in the corporate space before embarking on my own entrepreneurial journey, I’ve honed resilience and adaptability skills. I thrive in rapidly evolving environments, where thinking on my feet is the norm.

Integrity, Confidentiality, and Trust: These values are the bedrock of my services. When you partner with me, you can trust that your needs will be handled with the utmost care and discretion.

Get to know me a bit more …

Elevate your business with a professional and experienced Online Business Manager

Helen has been assisting me at CFI Capital for almost a year and has been completely invaluable! Her standard of work and professionalism is second to none and she is always ready and able to take on new challenging tasks with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. I could not recommend her more!

Rea Cowie

Helen is amazing and my business wouldn’t be anything without her! She’s helpful, proactive, organised, fast learner, quick at getting things done. excellent attitude, persistent and super easy to get along with. The perfect event and business manager.

Felipe Flores, Founder & Podcast Director

Helen is the most thorough, proactive business manager that I’ve ever worked with. Her attention to detail and ability to anticipate problems before they arise make her an invaluable asset to any company. To say she has a can do attitude is a gross understatement.

Monica Mina, Managing Director

From our first conversation, Helen’s friendly personality and positivity shone through and I knew she was the perfect fit for our team. Helen is professional in her role. She is accessible, proactive, super organised, an excellent communicator, and very efficient. As a business owner, having reliable people in your team who you trust and have complete confidence in is so important, and I have that with Helen.

Paul Kiely, Director

Helen has been an amazing addition to our team. From the start she jumped straight in and got things done with minimal direction which was absolutely invaluable. Her ability to develop and streamline processes is also greatly helping my business become much more efficient. I highly recommend Helen for anyone looking for an EA/Business Manager.

Ninlil Wheeldon | Owner

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